Ryan Burns

Maker and Restorer of Fine Cane Fishing Rods

Maker and Restorer of Vintage Fishing Rods. Specialising in Split Cane.

Welcome to Ryan Burns Rod Restorations. I am rod builder who specialises in restoring vintage, mainly split cane fishing rods to there former glory, with the intention of them being used for their intended purpose-fishing.With the ever increasing popularity of vintage fishing tackle and the growing number of collectors, this leaves a number of enthusiasts with two choices, either have a split cane rod made specially, or you can delve into the second hand market. Although many bargains can be found the main problem with second hand rods of this nature is that most will need some sort of restoration work. Line guides tend to be grooved or missing, varnish flakes and a general tidy up is nearly always required before they can be used.

My aim is to restore these vintage rods to a high standard so they are both aesthetically pleasing and perfectly functional fishing rods- as they were meant to be. As the rods i restore will hopefully be used to fish with i try to keep waiting times to a minimum.

 If the customer would prefer not to take the risk of delving into the second hand vintage market, I can custom build a brand new split cane rod to the customers preferences. As well as being able to produce replicas of all of the classic tapers i also offer some rods of my own design, namely my barbel rod which is a three piece rod with a whole cane butt and split cane middle and tip sections, and by popular demand an 11ft two piece carp rod. Many customers often commented that the original mkiv carp rod was a little too short, so i set about designing an 11ft version. The result is a rod which is more powerful than a standard 10ft model but still retains an all through action which makes it a pleasure to use, in fact i also use it as a floodwater barbel rod!

All of my split cane is produced using traditional methods and the finest quality tonkin cane, which is flamed, split, straightened and planed by hand, in the same way rod makers have been doing it for years.

As well as producing custom built rods i am also able to supply customers with replacement sections for vintage rods or supply blanks for those wishing to try there hand at rod building.

So whether it is giving a new lease of life to an old favourite,restoring the old rod in the shed or that great find at the local market, all those former glories can be restored.

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