Ryan Burns

Maker and Restorer of Fine Cane Fishing Rods


My name is Ryan Burns, first and foremost i am a fisherman. I like to spend my time fishing for larger than average fish of all species, using vintage tackle that not only looks and feels good, but is also right tool for the particular situation. whether that be a split cane rod and centrepin, or a glass rod and fixed spool reel. I believe the most important factor in any fishing tackle is its ability to perform well regardless of looks or vintage.

I started fishing at a very young age, and apart from the customary boys spinning rod, my first proper rods were blanks. Since building those first rods i have continued to whip all of my rods myself and many many more for other people. I get great satisfaction from catching fish on rods i have built or seeing others using my rods.

Since using a split cane rod for the first time i instantly fell in love with them. The look and feel of it in my hand was enough, but then after catching a barbel on the rod i realised it was about much more than the beauty and craftsmanship. In fact i was so much more than that, i found the fish playing ability was far superior to carbon or even glass, big fish could be stopped without the need for excessively strong rods, as i found the cane just kept on bendig and increasing the pressure rather than locking up,Although it can be rather unnerving watching your pride and joy bent into a hoop in your hand, it is an experience everybody should try.

I have restored and built many various vintage and modern rods. I started off building carp rods for friends and fisherman i met on my travels. There are many great vintage fibre glass rods which tend to be forgotten about, but in the right situation these rods can far out perform modern carbon, with a little restoration i was making friends remember how much fun they had been, and rescue a few forgotten treasures from the scrap heap!

I can restore any rod to its former glory, using top quality threads and silk, replacement guides are sourced from Hopkins and Holloway and all rods are finished in traditional varnish rather than resin.

Please have a look at some of my work in the gallery, or use the contact page if you have any questions or would like more information. I also have some restored rods of all types and some other vintage items for sale, which can be viewed by following the link at the top of the page.

Thank you for taking the time to look.

All the best

Ryan Burns

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