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With the ever increasing price of vintage and classic rods it has become increasingly difficult for the newcomer to split cane rods to purchase a usable split cane rod at an affordable price. I recently managed to purchase the stock of a fellow rodmaker who has retired, meaning that I have lots of fixtures and fittings which are all brand new old stock from the 1960s. whilst these are all high quality components and perfectly usable, some items are not of the standard required for my custom built rods. corks whilst still good quality are not of the flor grade expected today but still equal to the quality used on the classic rods of the past.

As my main passion is for rod making, I get most pleasure from building rod blanks. I have decided to use this opportunity to produce rod blanks which interest me. I shall be building rods both of my own design and some replicas of classic rods. These rods shall be finished simply using the fittings and components I already have, in order to keep costs down, most rods shall be finished without intermediate whippings, which saves a lot of time!

All of the rod blanks shall be built to my usual high standards, using the finest Tonkin cane and are built by hand by me from start to finish. The finish whilst being simply done without the use of intermediates, or tipping to whippings shall also be upto my usual high standards.

These rods will be available for a limited time only and shall be sold on a first come first served basis. All rods featured on this page will be completed and packed ready for immediate dispatch or collection. these rods will come supplied in a rod bag and be covered by my usual after sales service. Unfortunately I shall not be taking requests on which rods to build in this range. I shall be building rods/blanks which interest me at the time.


The MKIV Carp rod is probably one of the most famous and easily recognisable split cane rods. This replica has been made to Richard Walkers original tapers. Hand planed with oven baked bamboo this rod features Agate lined butt and tip rings with hard chrome intermediates whipped in an olive green pure silk thread. The cork handle is 28" long with a flared trumpet handle and sliding alloy reel fittings

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