Ryan Burns

Maker and Restorer of Fine Cane Fishing Rods

Split Cane Fly Rods

I produce a variety of fine hand planed split cane fly rod blanks. I produce rods built to both the classic tapers and also some of the more modern tapers inspired by the huge following in the U.S.A of bamboo fly rods. Rods can be handmade to order to any specific taper. I also produce various one piece rods upto 6'6", and can make any taper to include bamboo ferrules.

1 piece rods        from £200

2 piece rods        from £350

Hand planed split cane coarse rods

MKIV Carp/Avon Rod    from £400

3 piece Barbel Rod  from £450  whole cane butt

3 piece Barbel  from      £450 split cane butt

11ft 2 piece carp rod from £400

All other rods can be made to any specific tapers, contact me for a quote.


Split cane Blanks and replacement sections

I am able to offer brand new hand planed spilt cane rod blanks and replacement sections to rod builders and restorers.

Rod blanks can be made to existing tapers from classic rods, a customers specifications, or alternatively I am able to design a taper to suit your needs. The customer may choose the colour of the cane, from light straw coloured blonde, through to heavily flamed dark cane, or any colour in between. Cane can either be flamed by hand or baked to the required level in my specially built oven.

rod blanks can be supplied in various states of completion, from glued up in the strings through to part built rods supplied with cork handle fitted.

Replacement tip sections are also available for any rods. I have an extensive library of tapers from most classic rods, or an able to replicate the existing broken section from your rod. I am able to colour the match the new cane section closely with the existing sections of your rod.

Other Work

I do undertake a limited number of restorations. please contact me for details.

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