Ryan Burns

Maker and Restorer of Fine Cane Fishing Rods

Kingfisher carp (travel)

The Kingfisher Carp rod is on of my most popular rods. Its 11ft length and extra power makes it more versatile than the standard Mkiv carp rod. These are a pair of prototype rods made as 3 piece with detatchable handle. Originally designed to fit in a customers rucksack so he could cycle to his local lake, they are also ideal for leaving in the boot of a car, or even inside a suitcase for travelling anglers.

Whilst the three piece construction does make the rods slightly heavier than the two piece version, they still retain a superb through action. I have used one of these rods myself, landing carp to over 20lbs and they are a pleasure to use.

Offered at a reduced price

£375 each or £650 for the pair

Available Soon

This is where i shall list the rods which i am currently working on that will shortly be offered for sale.

If you are interested in any of these rods or would like more details feel free to contact me [email protected]


R.Sealeys Festival hand built replica, with step down tapers!

Allcocks Melody

The Allcocks melody is one of the rarest and hardest to find of all of the coarse rods by this famous Redditch tackle company. Believed to have been made between 1937 and 1939 only, there are not many of these rods left today. This particular model has been completely restored. Fitted with Allcocks highest quality fittings including spigotted reinforced brass ferrules, brass winding check and reel fittings and brass butt cap stamped with the Allcocks logo. The sheet cork handle has had some minor repairs to the underside.

This is a beautiful rare rod from a well respected maker. The light all through action makes it a superb all round rod for the smaller species, whether it be trotting for roach on a river or pleasure fishing on a Stillwater this rod would make the ideal addition to the collection of any vintage fishing tackle enthusiast.


The Arrow No.2

 A rod of my own design. The Arrow No.2 is the bigger sister to the Arrow. At 11ft this rod is suitable for trotting on rivers or stillwater work. this rod is hollow built not only in the butt section but also for the first third of the tip section. This makes the rod amazingly light to hold whilst fishing and also gives a crisp action to the blank. The fine tip and fast action makes this rod ideal for hitting fast bites and protecting light hooklengths associated with trotting for smaller species whilst still having some power in the butt section to deal with the odd larger fish which may come along!

This is the original prototype of what has become one of my most popular rods, and has been used lightly by myself. This is reflected in the price


The Arrow

 The Arrow is a rod i designed to be used on my local River Arrow, as it meanders through redditch, and other small rivers around the country. At 10ft and of two piece construction this rod is perfect for a roving style of angling, with trotting being the favoured method. The hollow built butt section gives the rod a perfect  balance. A superb all rounder capable of trotting for roach and dace whilst still more than happy catching big chub.


The Perfection Roach 11ft 3pc


 A Replica of a very rare three piece Hardy perfection roach rod. This 11ft three piece rod is hollow built in both the butt and middle sections. The super fine tip makes this a true roach rod! Fitted with beautiful cloudy agate butt ring, this is a stunning looking rod, which is even more stunning when assembled!




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