Ryan Burns

Maker and Restorer of Fine Cane Fishing Rods

The Redditch Rods

The Redditch Rods

A NEW range of rods designed and built by Ryan Burns


The town of Redditch has a long history of producing some of the worlds finest fishing tackle. Being born and raised in the town of Redditch I could not help but be inspired by the history and tradition of rodmaking in the town. As well as the large well known companies, such as Allcock, Milwards and lee's, Redditch was also the home to dozens of smaller, less well known rodmaking firms. The on thing all of these had in common was the craftsmanship displayed by the employees of these companies. Many of these people are still living in the town today, And some still visit my workshop on occasions!

I am very proud to be continuing the tradition of producing , high quality split cane rods in Redditch.

The Redditch rods are a range of rods inspired by either the fishing in and around the town of Redditch, or by the huge history of rodmaking in the town.

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